Optimizely Data Platform Visitor Groups

The Optimizely Data Platform (ODP) builds a picture of a customer, their interactions, and their behavior in comparison to other customers on a site.

This module exposes these insights in the form of visitor groups which can then be used to personalise content.


There are currently five different visitor groups available. These are accessed via the ‘Data Platform’ group.

Real-Time Segments

Real-Time segments are new and are different from the ‘Calculated’ segments that are currently available on the platform.

Real-Time segments are based on the last 30 days of data whereas ‘Calculated’ segments are based on all the stored customer data and are calculated at regular intervals. They are more suited to reporting and journey orchestration. 


Note: You need to contact Optimizely to get Real-Time Segments enabled on your instance and there is currently no interface to create them.

Note 2: ‘Calculated’ Segments are not available via this visitor group criterion. 

Engagement Rank

This metric allows you to build personalisation based on how engaged the customer/visitor is with your site/brand.  This is biased toward more recent visits rather than historical visits.


This metric is calculated every 24 hrs.

Order Likelihood

As the name suggests, this criterion returns the likelihood that the customer will place an order.  

The possible values are:

  • Unlikely
  • Likely
  • Very Likely
  • Extremely Likely

This metric is calculated every 24 hrs.

Winback zone

Returns the ‘Winback Zone’ for the current customer.  This can be used to identify when a customer is altering their normal interaction patterns with the site; for example, are disengaging.

The options are:

  • Churned Customers
  • Winback Customers
  • Engaged Customers

This metric is calculated every 24hrs.


This criterion is can be used to build personalisation around 3 different customer order metrics.

  • Total Revenue
  • Order Count
  • Average Order Revenue


This metric is calculated every 24hrs.


Install the package directly from the Optimizely Nuget repository.

dotnet add package UNRVLD.ODP.VisitorGroups
Install-Package UNRVLD.ODP.VisitorGroups

Configuration (.NET 5.0)


// Adds the registration for visitor groups

appsettings.json All settings are optional, apart from the PrivateApiKey

   "EPiServer": {
      //Other config
      "OdpVisitorGroupOptions": {
         "OdpCookieName": "vuid",
         "CacheTimeoutSeconds": 10,
         "EndPoint": "https://api.zaius.com/v3/graphql",
         "PrivateApiKey": "key-lives-here"

Configuration (.Net Framework)

web.config All settings are optional, apart from the PrivateApiKey

    <add key="episerver:setoption:UNRVLD.ODP.OdpVisitorGroupOptions.OdpCookieName, UNRVLD.ODP.VisitorGroups" value="vuid" />
    <add key="episerver:setoption:UNRVLD.ODP.OdpVisitorGroupOptions.CacheTimeoutSeconds, UNRVLD.ODP.VisitorGroups" value="1" />
    <add key="episerver:setoption:UNRVLD.ODP.OdpVisitorGroupOptions.EndPoint, UNRVLD.ODP.VisitorGroups" value="https://api.zaius.com/v3/graphql" />
    <add key="episerver:setoption:UNRVLD.ODP.OdpVisitorGroupOptions.PrivateApiKey, UNRVLD.ODP.VisitorGroups" value="key-lives-here" />


I cannot take all the credit for this module, it was co-developed with David Knipe. Thanks for all the help.